Application of Inpol-Lube for a (3 inch to 6 inch diameter down-hole hammer).

 Two ounces of Inpol-Lube are applied into the drill rod, to lubricate the internal working surfaces of the hammer.

The hammer is now lubricated for 300 feet or 3 hours of drilling.




Inpol-Lube is a compound designed with high molecular weight polymers with a remarkable degree of resistance to abrasion, high-pressure air, water, petroleum oil products, and contaminants. The compound, formulated specifically to protect the internal workings of down-hole hammers, has been used in the water well industry since 1990. Inpol-Lube has been proven to increase the lifespan and productivity of down-hole hammers.

Two to three ounces of compound are applied to a hammer after every 300 feet of drilling or after three or more hours of continuous use. Inpol-Lube compound will provide proper lubrication for hammers 3 to 6 inches in diameter. For larger hammers, contact us for a schedule of application. Inpol-Lube is resistant to breakdown and vaporization at temperatures under 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Only a fraction of Inpol-Lube needs to be used in comparison with traditional rock drill oil. To put it into perspective, only 8 ounces of the Inpol-Lube compound are needed compared to 5 gallons of rock drill oil while the same amount of work is performed.

Environmental Impact
In accordance with Inpol's commitment to provide environmentally safe products, Inpol-Lube has been formulated with a biodegradable and non-toxic ester base, which is compounded with oxidized polymers that are non-toxic. This means that there are no harmful chemicals that negatively impact the environment or create health hazards. At Inpol, we also strive to ensure our manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible, and we use food-grade raw materials whenever possible.

Quantities available in 8 ounce
bottle and 10 ounce cartridge

Customers of Inpol-Lube enjoy full product support.

T-C Compound
Protects against abrasion and corrosion of threads and is environmentally safe. When used as a thread treatment, the T-C compound reduces asperities (roughness) and results in a better fit. When applied to a drill string pin thread, the compound will assure correct torque release, often eliminating the need for a thread sealant. Comes in 2-ounce, 8-ounce, or 10-ounce caulking dispensers.

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